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Academic Toppers

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S.No Name of Student Father’s Name Branch %age
1 Sh. Sanjay Kumar(LEET) Sh. Jai Pal Electrical Engineering 81.38
2 Sh.Lokender Kumar(PAT) Sh. Shiv Ram Electrical Engineering 81.33
3 Sh. Rohit Rana(LEET) Sh. Balwant Singh Rana Information Technology 75.01
4 Miss. Riya Kumari(PAT) Sh. Rikhi Ram Information Technology 65.48
5 Sh. Rattan Singh Chauhan(LEET) Sh. Daleep Chand Mechanical Engineering 80.74
6 Sh. Raman Kumar Sh. Rakesh Chand Mechanical Engineering 80.22