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In Athletics & Cultural  events:

On conclusion of 22nd  H.P state Inter -Polytechnic athletic cum cultural  Meet  -2017  held at Government Polytechnic Hamirpur ,Students won prize in—

  • Gold Medal in 200 Meters race
  • Gold Medal in 5000 Meters race
  • Silver Medal in 800 Meters Men’s race
  • Silver Medal in Triple Jump (Men)
  • Gold Medal in 4*100 Meters relay race
  • Gold & Silver Medal in 100 Meters race
  • Gold Medal in Ghazal/Hindi song
  • Gold Medal in Group song
  • Gold Medal in Folk Dance




 All Round Trophy for sports(Boys)——-         Govt. Polytechnic Hamirpur

All Round Trophy for Athletic (Boys)——-       Govt. Polytechnic Hamirpur

All Round Trophy for  Cultural——- ——           Govt. Polytechnic Hamirpur


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 In sports & athletics

On conclusion of 22nd Inter -Polytechnic Sports Meet (Men) -2016  held at Government Polytechnic Kangra ,Students won prize in—

  • Gold Medal in Kabaddi
  • Gold Medal in Badminton
  • Silver Medal in Basket Ball
  • Silver Medal in Vollyball

On conclusion of 21st  Inter -Athletic  & Cultural Meet   held at Government Polytechnic Hamirpur  ,Students won prize in

  •  Gold Medal in high Jump
  •  Silver Medal in high Jump

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24TH SPORTS  MEET  HELD AT G.P .KANGRA  ON 04/10/2018 TO 06/10/2018

  1. Volleyball Winner
  2. Basket ball Winner
  3. Badminton Runner Up
  4. Overall Winner G.P Hamirpur

24th Athletic & Cultural Meet Held at G.P Sundernagar on 07/03/2019 to 09/03/2019

Athletic Meet Results:

  1. Gold Medal in 1500 Meter Race
  2. Gold Medal in 800 Meter  Race
  3. Gold Medal in Triple Jump
  4. Gold Medal in Discuss Throw
  5. Gold Medal in Long Jump
  6. Gold Medal in Relay Race 4*400 Meter Race
  7. Silver Medal in 4*100 Meter  Race
  8. Silver Medal in 500 Meter Race
  9. Silver Medal in High Jump
  10. Bronze Medal in Long Jump
  11. Bronze Medal in 500 Meter Race
  12. Bronze Medal in 800 Meter Race
  13. Bronze Medal in 1500 Meter Race
  14. Gold Medal in 100 Meter Race(Women)
  15. Gold Medal in Shot-Put (Women)
  16. Silver Medal in Discuss Throw (Women)
  17. Silver Medal in 400 Meter Race(Women)

Cultural Meet Results

  1. Gold Medal In Group Dance
  2. Silver Medal In Gazal
  3. Silver Medal In Solo Song Pahari.

Student of Government Polytechnic Hamirpur won the First Prize in declamation contest of Fundamental duties of citizen of India organized by NITTTR Chandigarh.