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Department of Information Technology

 Department of Information Technology was established in the year 2000, with the objective of imparting quality education in the field of information technology. With rapidly evolving technology and the continuous need for innovation the department has always produced quality professionals, holding important positions in Information Technology industry.


To keep pace with the emerging trends in Information Technology


  • Producing a class of IT professionals
  • Achieving academic excellence
  • Nurturing the students of today into resolute builders of the future
  • Discover the ultimate in the field of Information Technology
  • To enlighten the forthcoming generations with the best of computer education
  • To impart technical and interpersonal skills to the students
  • To produce computer professionals who can face not only the present but also future challenges of I.T. Industry
  • Endeavour to provide I.T. based solutions to the society


A sound theoretical and practical work prepares the students in the wider field of Computer Engineering & IT to take up challenging jobs in the area of –

  • Systems Software Development.
  • Application Software Development.
  •  Computer Systems Analyst
  • Web Developer
  •  Computer Programmer
  • Hardware and Network Associate Engineer
  • DBA

Our Faculty:

Sr. No. Name Designation Qualification Experience Discipline/
Teaching/Non -Teaching Lesson Plan
1 Dr. Rajesh Sharma HOD Ph. D. 21 Years I.T. Teaching  Click here to see
2 Sh. Pankaj Thakur Sr. Lect.   I. T. B. Tech. 10 Years I.T. Teaching  6th Sem. 1 Click Here to see

6th Sem. 2 Click Here to See

3 Sh. Vijay Pathania Lect. I.T. B. Tech. 06 years I.T. Teaching  Click Here to See
4 Sh. Pankaj Gautam Lect. I.T. B. Tech. 06 years I.T. Teaching  Click here to see
5 Smt . Pratibha Thakur Lect. I.T. M. Tech. 02 Year I.T. Teaching  4th Sem. (Click here to see) .6th  Sem (Click here to see.)
6 Sh. Madhusudan Lect. I.T. M. Tech. 02Year I.T. Teaching  Second Sem.(Click Here)4th Sem.(Click Here)